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Revox G36

1963 saw production start of the famous Revox G36. It was sold to the UK market under the name "Revox 736". The famous G36 was a mono/stereo machine with stacked erase heads, separate recording heads, separate replay heads, six audio pre-amplifiers and a push/pull power amplifier which fed the built in speaker (mono). Tape speeds of 3¾ and 7½ ips are obtained by pole-changing the synchronous Papst capstan motor. Two-track and four-track models were available, both fully stereo, recording to the latest C.C.I.R. (DIN 45113) eq. Tape spools up to 10½".

I recently (02/2016) spoke to Simon in Australia who showed me some pictures of a late model G36 fully converted to solid state in 1976 by an engineer at ABC (Dennis) using parts from an A77!
Revox G36
pdf-icon Revox G36 Service Manual (4.4Mb)
doc-icon Revox G36 Hi-Fi World article (1.2Mb)
doc-icon Revox G36 Taperecorder Service article (0.8Mb)
ie-icon ReeltoReel's Revox 36 series article

Revox B77

The Revox B77 followed the legendary A77 in 1978, with the B77 MkII arriving in 1982. The MkII variant included built in varispeed of ± 10% and allowed a cueing position with the head shield open.

The B77 came in a variety of versions, either ½ or ¼ track and 3¾ & 7½ ips or 7½ & 15 ips. There were also some rarer speciality versions - see Special Versions.

Revox B77
pdf-icon B77 Schematics (3.7Mb)
pdf-icon B77 Operations Manual (22.1Mb)
pdf-icon B77 MkII Operations Manual (31.1Mb)
pdf-icon B77 Service Manual (49.8Mb)
pdf-icon B77 Dolby Operations Manual Addendum (0.8Mb)
pdf-icon B77 Dolby Service Manual (42.0Mb)
pdf-icon B77 LR Dolby Service Manual (3.9Mb)
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ie-icon GB Audio free data sheet
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