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MIDI Controllers/Instruments

Midiman Keystation 49

The Midiman Keystation 49 is a cheap and cheerful 49 note MIDI controller, connecting to a PC via USB and incorporating a MIDI out socket. I'm no keyboard player so can't really comment on the velocities/aftertouch etc., but it works fine for me when sequencing drums or playing various vst instruments. Keystation 49

Moog Theremini

The Moog Theremini is a monophonic digital synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music and is a re-working on one of the oldest electronic instruments in history, the Theremin, created by Léon Theremin in 1929 and made popular as a source of atmospheric sound tracks for science fiction films.
  • Variable quantization
  • Integrated tuner
  • 32 Memories for performance parameters such as basic tone and scaling
  • Integrated speaker
  • Adjustable stereo Ping-Pong Delay
  • Headphone output
  • MIDI USB Connection
  • CV output
  • 2x Line outputs 6.3 mm jack
  • 3/8" Thread for mounting on a tripod
  • LCD
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 578 x 381 x 165 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
Moog Theremini
pdf icon Theremini Manual
ie icon Theremini Editor for Windows Download
ie icon Theremini Firmware v1.1.1

sixty four pixels MIDI Switcher

This module allows you to switch eight individual outputs using MIDI messages New firmware with enhanced functionality. An eight-relay module is included.

Each relay functions as an isolated SPDT (2-way) switch and can be used to replace a physical switch with a MIDI control (for example to replace a guitar amp channel switch pedal). The relays can also be used for power switching with high current capacity and can be used to drive large solenoids, motors, actuators and so on. Relays can be paired up for multipole switching, increased current capacity, or even making reversing switches for motors.

Each relay is switched when the device receives an appropriate MIDI message from a sequencer / controller / DAW etc.

Each of the eight outputs can be triggered by
  • MIDI notes (NEW with optional velocity range filter)
  • NEW MIDI continuous controller messages (with configurable value range filter)
  • NEW MIDI Program Change messages
Switching lasts for specified duration and/or length of the trigger condition. The hold time can be modulated by note velocity or by a separate MIDI CC with settings from 10 milliseconds to 16 seconds.

MIDI SWITCHER is configured by MIDI System Exclusive (Sysex) files and a web form is used to configure it. Submitting new settings immediately downloads a Sysex file to be sent to your switcher. Try the web form at There is a standard 5-pin DIN socket for receiving MIDI data. This is optically isolated in accordance with the MIDI specifications, ensuring your computer / sequencer / controller keyboard is electrically isolated from the board when controlling it.

You need a 5VDC supply of 500mA capacity to run the Relay-Switcher

The Relay-Switcher controller module comes as a kit and requires assembly by soldering.

The relay board itself is a standard part and is provided fully assembled and tested. The kit also includes a laser cut acrylic base plate to support the connected boards, together with all necessary mounting hardware.

Approx size 155mm x 60mm x 30mm (sockets and feet attached). The approximate weight is 180g

This kit ships with a microcontroller programmed with updated firmware (Version R2) which is shared with the updated MIDI Switcher and adds many new features as well as simpler programming via a web form and sysex files.

pdf icon MIDI switch Quick Start Guide
pdf icon Relay Switcher - User Guide (rev 2)
ie icon Website

Boss DR550 II (SOLD)

The Boss DR550 II is a 16-bit stereo drum machine with 12 note polyphony and 91 drum sounds. These sounds can be divided into 4 banks, each of 12 sounds which can be sequenced via the internal step sequencer or externally via MIDI. The MIDI implementation is a bit weird in that you assign drum sounds to 48 keys and then assign midi notes to these keys, but once you've got it set up it is fairly quick to use. The sounds themselves are OK for playing along to as a musical notepad, but are mostly outclassed by any modern hardware or software sample based sequencer. Boss DR550 II